Photo by: Daniel Loyola

Photo by: Daniel Loyola


Who is Hasadick…

I am your favorite bearded Jewish drag king. I design and build my own beards, always keeping my looks somewhat androgynous. There is nothing like striking facial hair with a strong lip! I often perform classic drag numbers with a Jewish or middle eastern flair. You can find me in bars, clubs, cabaret nights, or in the incredible show Red and Boilling which has performed internationally! Become a #hasafan today and follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

on a serious note…

Growing up as a queer person in Jerusalem, a religious city, was a difficult time in my life. I experienced personally and witnessed my LGBTQ family face discrimination, violence, and pain on a daily basis. In many ways these memories still reverberate through my body, and the sense of alienation in my home town always cuts me to the bone.

That is what led me to be an activist, and over time I have grown to be thankful for it as well. These hard times in my life have formed who I am today. They made me into the artist, actor, creator and community member that I am. It built up my resilience, fearlessness and perseverance. It taught me not to apologize for any part of my identity, and fight the battles I believe in.

That is who HASADICK really is! He isn’t a joke or a mockery. He is the celebration of everything that I am. He is my history as a Jew, a Jerusalem-born resident, and a lesbian at the same time. He plays between the lines of gender as a resistance to personal and cultural binary. He encompasses the pain I experienced, and shares it through laughter and joy. He embodies the satire when we take ourselves too seriously. His purpose is to remind us that we can be everything that we want to be. We can find the intersectionality of our different parts, and love them without replacing one with the other. We are allowed to change our minds, to listen to ourselves, to be one thing one day, and something else the next. And most importantly… he will always remind us that there is nothing wrong with who we are. Our identity belongs solely to ourselves, and no one outside of our bodies has the right to define it, change it, or tell us how to express it and celebrate it. #Hasadick #unapologetic #beyourself