Let’s Talk Sex Work: A Play is an interactive theatrical piece exploring the daily lives of cisgender and transgender women in sex work. The work is based on true stories and experiences shared with Noga Yechieli the writer/director as a counselor working with sex workers in Tel Aviv, and transcribed testimonies of sex workers from Israel and the United States taken from literature.

This immersive piece intends to challenge Hollywood stereotypes by presenting the struggles, pain, violence, survival skills and laughter in the lives of these women. It delves into the controversial topics of gender hierarchies, female sexuality, police brutality, racism, drug abuse, incarceration, teenage pregnancy, foster care, the connection between sex and violence, and the circumstances that have brought these women into sex work, tackling the critical question of “choice”.

The piece was performed in the 2016 CalArts New Works Festival. We are currently finalizing a tour in Los Angeles during May 2017.



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